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Start Locations

All Runs Begin at 7:00am.

Arrive at the start location by 6:45am to find your Pace Guide Leader, hear announcements, and for the group photo.

Run #1 (5/5)

Start Location: RunnerDude’s Fitness

(2309 W. Cone Blvd.)

RunGoApp Route Links: 4.55 Mile Route , 8.25 Mile Route

Run #2 (5/12)

Start Location: Greensboro Physical Therapy

(Host Sponsor is Greensboro Physical Therapy)

(319 W Wendover Ave.)

RunGoApp Route Links: 4.88 Mile Route , 8.56 Mile Route

Run #3 (5/19)

Start Location: Center City Park

(Host Sponsor is Smith Moore Leahterwood LLP)

RunGoApp Route Links: 5.07 Mile Route , 9.16 Mile Route

Run #4 (5/26)

Start Location: Revolution Mill

(Host Sponsor is Revolution Mill)

(Entrance to parking lot is at Textile Dr. off of Yanceyville St.)

RunGoApp Route Links: 5.14-Mile Route, 9.46-Miler Route

Run #5 (6/2)

Start Location: Omega Sports

(Host Sponsor is Omega Sports)

(2431 Battleground Ave.)

RunGoApp Route Links: 5.8-Mile Route, 10-Miler

Run #6 (6/9)

Start Location: Bill Black Chevrolet

(Host Sponsor is Bill Black Chevrolet)

(Corner of Yanceyville St and E Bessemer Ave.)

RunGoApp Route Links: 5.48-Miler, 9.24-Miler

Run #7 (6/16)

Start Location: (433 Spring Garden St.)

RunGoApp Route Links: 5.20-Miler9.42-Miler

Run #8 (6/23)

Start Location: Lululemon at Friendly Center

(3326 W. Friendly Ave. Ste. 10 Directions)

RunGoApp Route Links: 5.42-Miler,  9.91-Miler

RunGoApp Searchable Route Names: LLL-RTB 8 5.42-Miler, LLL-RTB 8 9.1-Miler

Printable PDF Dropbox Links: 5.42-Miler ,  9.91-Miler

Run #9 (6/30)

Start Location: Bank of Oak Ridge (New Garden Rd.)

(Host and Title Sponsor is Bank of Oak Ridge)

(1597 New Garden Rd.)

RunGoApp Route Links: 6-Miler, 10.16-Miler

RunGoApp Searchable Route Names: BKOR-RTB 9 6-Miler, BKOR-RTB 9 10.16-Miler

Printable PDF Dropbox Links: 6-Miler ,  10.16-Miler