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How to Participate

Does it Cost Anything?

No. Each weekly run/walk is free! Donations are welcome to help support RunTheBoro and RunnerDude’s Fitness. Donations can be made via Paypal or Venmo.

For Venmo, usernmae is RunnerDude

Do I need to Register in Advance?

No, however, in order to get the weekly RunTheBoro route links and printable pdf, you’ll need to either have joined the RunTheboro Newsletter, and/or the RunTheBoro Group Runs Facebook page.

What Time and Where?

Because this year’s event is virtual, you are free to run the routes any day and anytime starting the assigned Saturday throughout that week. You can also run the routes at a later date, if you’re not able to fit it in during the assigned week.

The links to the RunGoApp routes and the printable pdf routes will be emailed to the subscribers of the RunTheBoro Newsletter as well as be posted on the RunTheBoro Group Runs Facebook page the Friday before each run. Each run will begin at a different location around the city. Click here for the start locations for each date.

Where Will We Run/Walk?

The runs/walks will explore Downtown Greensboro and 25 of it’s beautiful surrounding neighborhoods as well as 5 of Greensboro’s awesome greenways. Each week we’ll explore a different area of the city. There will also be special “Theme” runs such as the “Monument Run” and the “City of Murals Run.” To receive historical info about the areas in which you’ll be running prior to each run, be sure to sign up for the free RunTheBoro Newsletter.

Are Strollers Permitted?

Basically there’s no rule against strollers, but the thing to keep in mind is that these runs/walks are not “races”, so roads will not be closed to traffic. I try to keep routes to sidewalks, but there are many instances where you’ll be running/walking on residential roads, grassy shoulders, and pea gravel type paths. So, stroller navigation may be difficult on portions of various routes. It’s a good idea to pull-up the RunGoApp route in advance to see exactly where you’ll be going. Also the routes are 5ish to 10ish miles, so you need to keep that in mind with kiddos too.

How Long Are The Routes? What If I’m Directionally Challenged or Can’t Run?

Worried you can’t make the distance? No need to worry. Each week there will be a shorter 4-5ish mile route and a longer 8-10ish mile route. The initial runs/walks will be at the shorter end of the 4-5 and 8-10 and they’ll continue toward the 5ish and 10ish-mile distance through the course of the 9 runs. Worried about getting lost? No need. Both RunGoApp* and printable routes will be provided.

*RunGoApp is a free GPS app available for both Apple and Android. This unique app provides turn-by-turn voice directions. I recommend using the app, but also carrying along the printed directions, just in case the app has techincal difficulties.

Participant Rules


  1. Runners/Walkers are to practice all required social distancing measures mandated by North Carolina, Guilford County, and Greensboro. If you gather a group to run with, it should be 50 or less. Keep 6 ft from each other, if not wearing a mask. When passing other non RunTheBoro pedestrians, be sure to practice social distancing.
  2. RunTheBoro is not a race. It’s a field trip for runners/walkers.
  3. Runners/walkers are to follow and obey all traffic rules, lights, signs, and use crosswalks where provided.
  4. It’s extremely important for all runners and walkers to run/walk on sidewalks and bike lanes when provided and not in the road.
  5. Children under 18-years-old should run/walk with their parent or legal guardian.

Will There Be RunTheBoro T-shirts This Year?

YES! Hats and technical singlets too! We are excited to reveal two new RunTheBoro shirts this year and a cool RunTheBoro truckers hat! For more info on how to purchase click here.

Weekly Clue and Prize Drawing!

Each week’s run/walk will contain a clue to a specific “something” during each run/walk. If you find the answer to the clue, take a selfie with the “answer” and post it to the RunTheBoro Group Runs Facebook page with the hashtag #RTBCLUE. Everyone that post the correct answer with the hashtag will be entered into a prize drawing for that week. A new Prize each week! WeeDoggie!

Rest Rooms? Water?

It’s highly recommended that you use the rest room prior to starting the run/walk. Start locations may or may not be in close proximity to a rest room. Also, due to Covid-19, many public restrooms are no longer available. Also, participants will need to carry their own water during the run/walk. Invest in a hand-held water bottle or a hydration belt.  Be sure to drink about 20oz of water about 1.5 hours before you start your run/walk so you will be well hydrated before you start and so you’ll have time to void before you run.

How Will I Receive the Historical Information About Each Weekly Route?

The Friday prior to the run/walk, you’ll learn lots of historical information about the area in which you’ll run from the RunTheBoro Newsletter. For example, did you know Vicks Vapo Rub was created in Downtown Greensboro? Did you know there is a complete intact mill village still in Greensboro?

Be sure to join the RunTheboro Newsletter, and the Group Runs Facebook page! We’re also on Instagram and Twitter!